PayrollAdmin Salary Processing Software

Calculate payroll and disburse salaries in just a few clicks. MarvelSoft PayrollAdmin automates payments and filings of compliances like TDS, PF, ESI, PT, and many more!

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Raj Kiran
Fantastic Software!
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Excellent documentation 🔥👋

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Find the right payroll services tailored to match the needs of your business, whatever may be your number of employees.

eSSL biometric Support
A biometric attendance system Manual import from other biometric devices are supported We support push data technology for eSSL devices.
PF and ESIC Challan
The PF and ESIC Challans are generated automatically after the salary payment, no extra process is required.
Customizable payslip and reports
The Payslips and reports are customizable as per your requrements
Automatic payroll calculation
Run payroll in a few clicks and automatically generate payslips online with a thorough breakdown of taxes, allowances, and deductions.

Simplify Payroll for Multi Companies, Single Companies, and Employees